Southern TamilNadu – Day One

Its weekend & time to gear up for yet another trip.  This time with my office colleagues to southern Tamil Nadu. We have been planning this trip for so long and once the chance came we aren’t going to miss this time.

As usual I was a bit late to begin with since it was an early morning start. We were five members including my boss Mr.Sridharan, traveling in his vehicle.

We started at 8 am from Chennai and marching towards Trichy which was our first target. The 4-way highway laid was exceptional so we didn’t need to slow it up much except for the toll-booth.

Once we all were together inside the car there was no limitation for joy & happiness in air. It was similar to Hangover movie except we didn’t have a groom among us.

We crossed Trichy but still no one was stopping for lunch. I was the only one demanding to halt for a midday meal, else were contempt prolonging the drive.

Finally we reached the outskirts of Madurai at quarter past one & had our well deserved lunch in Temple City restaurant. It was mesmerizing to see food after such long time & hopefully people reading the blog would understand what I mean.

Madurai to Srivilliputhur

After that we took off and reached Srivilliputhur around 3:15 PM, approximately 80 Kms away from Madurai. I was told by my boss whose native is Rajapalayam that this place is famous for its Palgova & Paal Alwa. Those going to srivilliputhur it is must to taste these sweets & you can find lot of shops for it. After a long discussion we chose a shop & every one bought the sweets.  Then it’s time for some divine interruption as we were standing opposite to the famous Andal temple (Srivilliputhur_Divya_Desam) but still the temple wasn’t opened so we thought of taking some snaps in front of it. Unfortunately the security personals didn’t allow us to take the snap of the gopuram yet we took shots apart from the temple roof.

Once the pagoda was opened for dharshan at 4 PM we went inside in midst of the rush. Lot of people going to Sabarimala were there standing in queue to see the lord. So we planned to go the garden were the Goddess Andal was born and the shrine of pallikonda perumal.

After finishing that we returned to the main shrine. We went around the temple and were able to see the beautiful pictures of all the divyadesams. Having heard so much about this temple it was great to visit it. Nearby the Andal temple another landmark to be visited here is the Vaidhyanatha Swamy temple. The Legend reveals that the Lord here is believed to have cured King Thirumalai Nayakar Stomach Ache.

Andal Temple to Vaidhyanatha swamy temple

Then suddenly one of us reminded that we need to commence the journey and already we have spent sufficient time.

Srivilliputhur to Rajapalayam

From there we started to Rajapalyam which is the home town of my chief who was the driving the car at that time. Once we entered the town I could feel the anxiety and enthusiasm in his eyes and he began to spell out his auto-biography. Located beneath the Western Ghats this town is quite famous for its spinning mills which we were clearly visible when we were crossing the roads. He was explaining his childhood life to us, the school he studied & the surroundings he spent the time.

Once he finished his story we reached his home. Other than me every one seemed to be calm & we were offered a warm tea. We had a chat with his father eagerly asking him about the town. If you are there at Rajapalayam it is wise to visit Sathuragiri shiva (Sathuragiri Temple) temple.

After all the talk we again moved but now with a bit of excitement. Courtallam was on the cards now so everyone had to plan how to spend the night in the beautiful waterfalls. We reached there around 8:30 PM and now had to book a room. We first went to an auberge which I don’t want to name it but had ordinary stuff. One of my colleagues was furious about the place and wanted to go off instantaneously.

Those who don’t know much about courtallam, it is located on Western Ghats in Tirunelveli district. There are five main waterfalls around it namely “Peraruvi”(Main Falls), Chitraruvi (Small Falls), Shenbagadevi falls,  Aintharuvi (Five Falls) & Pazhaya Courtallam (Old Courtallam).

Then we found an inn nearby the five falls. Thanks to my chief once again who got this information from his friends.  Everyone was comfortable with it, so we dropped our baggage’s there and went for the shower to five falls.

We went to Aintharuvi and had a great bath. The ideal time to have a bath is during night which i experienced during this trip. I wasn’t interested to go back to the room at all but my stomach had different ideas. So after bathing we went to some local restaurant and had parotta’s which are quite famous. At last we reached the inn after a daylong travel at 12 PM without any plans about next day schedule.

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